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To create an Event, all 3 tabs at the bottom (1. Location, 2. Event Details, 3. Initial Reference) must be filled in and all errors fixed in "Error check" section of each tab before the "Create Event" button (top-right corner) is activated.

Below are instructions to walk you through each field in this tab :

   DATE : click the calendar icon and set the date the event took place. Please be aware that this field is distinct from the reference date. This field is mandatory.
   COUNTRY : select the country where the event took place from the dropdown menu. Countries are sorted by alpha order. This field is mandatory.
   ADDRESS : enter either the precise address where the event took place (wherever available), or any clue that might help locate the event. This field is optional, you may leave it blank, but then the "City" must be indicated in the next field.
   CITY : enter city name. If unknown (e.g. if the event took place outside of a city), you may enter the city closest to the location of the event. This field is mandatory.
   SET LOCATION MANUALLY (LAT/LNG) : tick this field if you have the precise latitude and longitude : both latitude and longitude fields will be enabled for you to directly enter the geolocation coordinates; alternatively you can browse the map and move the bookmark to the event location, latitude and longitude will be automatically set.
   TIP : remember cell phones today are all equiped to geotag every picture you take ! This field is optional.

If no red shows up in the "Error check" section below, you may proceed on to the next tab "2. Event Details" below.