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REFERENCE References are defined as any kind of material used to document an Event. They have 3 kinds of attributes : a Source (the origination of the information), a Type (the category it pertains to) and a Date. The Reference Type will depend on the Source, meaning that the Types you can select from the dropdown menu vary according to the Source you have selected. Current entries in MPI include :

  • Court : Any Court or Tribunal, civil or military, passing sentences, regardless of its legitimacy. Current Reference types for Courts include Court Ruling, Hearing, Information.
  • International Institution : Any public International Agency or Court (UN, EU, NATO, WHO etc.). The reference type they are entitled to issue are Conference paper, Court Ruling, Document, Information, Letter, Press Release, Report.

SOURCE Source is defined as the origin of the reference, i.e. the person, the body, the institution or any other form of entity that provided the information contained in the Reference. The Source has 4 attributes : a Type (again the category it pertains to), a Name (most often the common name of the agent), a Title (e.g. the headline of a press article), a Language (the tongue in which the information was provided) and a couple URLs (weblinks).